MJ Guitars is fast approaching our 35th year of building custom high quality guitars and we are introducing a second generation of guitar builders. Here are some of our great accomplishments throughout the years. Get your extremely rare and collectable MJ guitars before they are all gone!


MIRAGE GT500 and matching amp

This was a fun guitar to design. As I am sure you can tell we love cars. The Hagerty family had this guitar built for McKeel O Hagerty based on his original '67 GT500. Caroll Shelby was even kind enough to sign this guitar for his good friend. No detail was spared on this baby, from the spark plug cord to the matching car/guitar serial number. This one was very difficult to let go of.



'64 Chevelle SS (work in progress)

You didn't really think we were going to stop there did you? This started out as a bet with my daughter. She and her husband own a '64 Chevelle SS and started a complete frame off restoration on it about 12 years ago. Of course every car needs a matching guitar. We decided to see who could get their project done who's winning? Well mine is at least painted. Why a matching gas pump you ask? Why not? That's where the car is going to spend most of its life.




Custom Guitar 23" scale length

This was a special guitar for my 7 year old grandson Dylan. He has been trying to get his dad to teach him guitar but needed a guitar. When I asked what he wanted, he was very specific. He knew exactly what he wanted.




EVH Roadster Frankenstein made for Hot for Teacher

So what does every EVH tribute band need? Well, to sound like Van Halen, you need to look like him. Made for Jude Gold, associate editor for Guitar Player and (of course) guitar player for Hot for Teacher. 1971 quarter included.



DESCRIPTION: Fully functioning one of a kind Motorcycle guitar. Everything on this instrument was hand made right here at the factory. The wood tire spins, front calipers turn and the handle grip is a working volume for the EMG SA pickup.
Chain inlay made from silver and mother of pearl. The tuning keys are custom aluminum V-Twins.
Matching custom Mesa Boogie DC3 amp made by MJ Guitars is included.
PRICE: $100,000

DESCRIPTION: 2nd serialized Mirage SR #92 110002
Special graphite overlay, newer models have a weaved carbon fiber. No inserts in the back plate. Cream back with a bird's eye maple top finished with a translucent turquoise finish. Bird's eye maple neck and special cloud inlays; only 6 Mirages have these inlays. EMG pickups and gold hardware.
PRICE: $20,000

DESCRIPTION: Car Lover's Dream
This ultra cool, car-inspired Mirage has custom designed valve/pickup covers, and dice tuning keys. The volume and tone knobs are miniature pistons, Hurst knob and shifter for the switch. The sides of the body are plastered with nostalgic decals. The back plate is a replica transmission pan.
PRICE: $10,000

DESCRIPTION: Robert Leroy Parker (a.k.a. Butch Cassidy) had his first run in with the law, when on June 24, 1889, he joined Tom McCarty, Matt Warmer, and Bart Madden in a robbery of the Telluride, Colorado bank for $10,000. They got away cleanly. The following spring, the group was joined by Tomís brother Bill and Billís 17-year-old son Fred. They robbed the Wallowa National Bank at Enterprise, Oregon on October 8, 1891. Butch wasnít along for that ride. All this was enough to put a taste in his mouth for the outlaw life.
Inlay by Larry Robinson
PRICE: $20,000

DESCRIPTION: Western Mirage 2
The neck is inlaid with the scene of the shoot out at the OK corral. The front of the headstock is overlaid in exotic shell. The back of the headstock is veneered with mahogany and is hand signed by the artist Mark Johnson. The knobs are custom with copper US Marshal badges inlaid. The rear control plate is ebony bound in mahogany and inlaid symbolizing the end of the Wyatt Earp's and Doc Holiday's career as gun slingers.
Inlay by Larry Robinson
PRICE: $20,000

Gold Rainbow Sparkle finish, Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro with JB in the bridge, Chrome hardware / VS100 tremolo
Exact replica of Kevin's Mirage

DESCRIPTION: MJ MIRAGE GT Signed by Luke Esterkyn of Stroke 9
Red to Gold color shifting finish, Chrome hardware, Fishman Piezo Bridge
Includes: Original rusty strings, tour grime and dings made by the man himself! One of a KIND!
PRICE: $2,695

Build for Mark Reischenbock
Deirdre and I built this guitar as a gift for her husband. Matching guitar and amp based after a 1965 Mustang GT350, only 1500 of the real cars were made. And for those asking, yes, those are real car parts. Did you notice the exhaust ports on the amp?
We recently sent a photo to Caroll Shelby and about a month later he sent us a response stating that that our theme guitar was beautiful.
Wouldn't it be awesome to have a guitar and amp that matched your car? Well we're ĺ of the way there. Any '65 GT350 owners out there?
Inlay done by Deirdre Reischenbock.

Build for Herb Genelly
This was a very fun project and definitely a ONE-OF-A-KIND. Herb, a retired firefighter, gave us unlimited creative freedom with this guitar. If you notice, the knobs are fire hydrants made right here at the factory. The back cover features 4 buttons that make different fire related sounds. And how fitting, the neck and top are made from flame maple. The scene on the fingerboard shows Herb putting out a fire. Inlay done by Larry Robinson




That's right. Our first double-neck / ztar & 7 string Mirages


2nd Mirage built - One of a kind!
Black rainbow sparkle, 24 5/8" scale bird's eye maple neck, dark ebony fingerboard with pearloid inlays, pearloid neck and body binding, chrome hardware,
Seymour Duncan JB and '59

100th Mirage! SR #98 060100
100th Mirage built - One of a kind! Taken out of the closet for the first time in 4 years, Mid 50's two-tone finish with silver check mark, 25 1/2" scale bird's eye maple neck, dark ebony fingerboard with gold mother of pearl inlays. Lipstick tube pickups and chrome hardware.
SOLD $3,500

Guitar Player's 35th Anniversary Mirage

This specially made Mirage sports an emerald green pearl finish, custom inlayed knobs and switch knob. Chrome hardware and a Fishman Power bridge and power chip.

Here is what the winner plans to do: "The guitar will be displayed first at the Discover House (a/k/a Funhouse) on Orcas Island, Washington. This is an exploratorium museum with an area dedicated to music (It was built and owned by Jim Bredeau, owner of LA Studios). Next I am in touch with the curator of the new Museum of Rock and Roll (a/k/a Experience Music Project), Seattle's $200 million museum located at the Space Needle, and they seem interested in possibly exhibiting the guitar."

Dr. Seuss Mirage built for Larry Robinson
This guitar is moderately inlayed and heavily accessorized with a Sustainiac Sustainer and a Roland Synth pickup, with many knobs and switches.
The top is finished with the chroma flair green-to-purple color shifting finish.
Inlay by Larry Robinson
SOLD $15,000

Custom Catalina LX!
I just can't find the words to describe this guitar. Every time I try, I get all choked up.
Inlay by Larry Robinson
SOLD $10,000

The ?????? (we don't know what to call it, ask Lyle Workman from Beck who had this custom designed to his specs)
I think this guitar came from somewhere in space. We received the coveted KNOB AWARD for this guitar. It sports a Sustainiac Sustainer and a built-in Kaoss Pad FX with red-to-gold color-shifting finish.
We lost a bit of sanity on this project.

MJ Custom Roadster
This guitar was so much fun to build because it's owner Vince would come by every Monday morning to check on its progress. We would have coffee and doughnuts and laugh and goof around for about an hour.
The swamp ash body and maple top made this guitar very light without squashing the high end. I really like the matching headstock on this guitar.

MJ Custom Roadster
The top is bookmatched Koa with a black veneer separating it from the swamp ash back. This guitar uses Seymour Duncan pickups custom mounted to minimize their appearance. The light tobacco finish and gold hardware make this moderately priced guitar look like a million bucks.